Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Time Cupcake Decorating

So this would be the first time I ever decorated cupcakes... I made them for my friends, and mostly just played around with the tips haha. Mrs. H let me borrow all her tips (how very nice of her! :D) and I made my cupcakes and then the buttermilk icing. It was very sweet, and just right!

I loved baking cupcakes ♥

Freesssssshhhhh out of the oven :d

All of the decorated cupcakes! Which one's ur favorite?

My Personal Fav ♥ ^

My most traditional looking cupcake n__n

That's right. Spaghetti. and Meatballs. :D


Practicing the old basket weave :) Pretty good for my first time ;) hehe jk!

Cake Pops

So there's this amazing person. And her name is Bakerella :) She is certainly one of the most creative people I have seen (online haha). She has this book called Cake Pops, which recently came out, and she is on tour signing. Sadly, I missed the one I was close to :( She has inspired many to get their bake on! I for one cannot WAIT! to get a chance to bake once more. But until my AP US Government class decides to be easy for once, I won't get a chance to get in the kitchen.

Luckily I got the chance to work on some cake pops (my very first! :D) back in September. You can get the recipe on her website if you're curious enough.

So once I made the recipe and followed her simple directions, I proceeded to roll the cake into-- what do you know-- balls. ;) I heated up the chocolate, which took me a couple of tries to get it right.

And then it took me a while to get a good technique going, because I'd start swirling the cake pop and the stick would either dig a hole in it, or go straight through! >.<

I ended up dipping the stick in the chocolate first, then sticking it in the cake ball, putting it in the fridge, then proceeding to finish dipping the delicious cake pop :)

Here's a link to my Flickr Account, these are the rest of the cake pop pics, if you're ever so curious :) ♥

This one is my fav :) ^

Wii Had Fun :)

Over the summer I had the great opportunity to work with my super-creative neighbor, Mrs. H. Here is where I first "met" Bakerella. <-- That's the link to the inspiration for her son's birthday. She called me over and I helped decorate some of the cupcakes she had made. It was hard work, but so much fun! I think they turned out pretty good :) Let's just say Bakerella has a steady hand and is a great artist, cuz lemme tell ya what, it's HARD! Mrs. H did the cake all by herself :) Such talent and creativity! :D

Well here are some snapshots...

The one below turned out weird-looking, but it looks fine when you click the pic! :)